Montessori inspired upright weaving loom

After the children’s Introduction to weaving there has been a rainbow of weaving cards going home each day. Some of the children are ready for another challenge!


I found this upright loom at our local Brain Injury Care charity shop for a couple of dollars. Happy days!

I have threaded it every second notch. Next time I would do it every fourth to make it more inclusive at kindy. However there are about 4or 5 children in each group who are really loving this!


I took the upright loom to set up when WeeBeastie and his pals we having an outside play. It’s lovely to be crafty outdoors!

IMG_3553  IMG_3555

I’ve collected some silky long ribbons that will be very appealing to the children. One of the parents runs a dress shop and she donated some offcuts last year. I’ve been saving them for something special.

IMG_3557 IMG_3558

I wove a couple of ribbons as an example for the children.

IMG_3559 IMG_3560

Then I saw the boys running around with blades of grass from this plant. When they abandoned them I wove them in….


..and found this seed head

IMG_3564  IMG_3566

Then I did some more! Stop now Lucy…this is for the children!

It’s ready to go into kindy. Here is how I introduced it in the classroom.

The children that have completed weaving cards are invited the try the upright weaving loom.

They can sit in front of it on the mat and choose a silk ribbon from the basket.

The children recognised this was the same as a horizontal loom even though it was in a different position so they needed little presentation.

The silk ribbons were slippery so this was different to a strip of paper but with perseverance they overcame this challenge.

Most children were content to complete one ribbon length and they will be free to choose this activity again over the next few weeks.

When weaving on the upright loom they showed a true focus in a sometimes busy workspace. I think the beauty of the materials and the ‘in’, ‘out’ rhythm of weaving facilitated this along with the children’s increasing self-control and maturity.

Lucy x

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