Montessori Inspired Jacaranda activities using Purple Snow!

gov house    IMG_3417   IMG_3424  IMG_3426  IMG_3431  IMG_3438 IMG_3441    IMG_3446  IMG_3464  IMG_3624IMG_3589IMG_3587   IMG_3425


The Jacaranda trees are flowering and Brisbane is turning purple. The children are counting the number of trees and collecting the fallen flowers to share.

The Jacaranda kindly supplies spindly sticks which are perfect for threading the flowers onto!

Here is a beautiful fine motor activity .


First scrunch a small square of lilac tissue paper into ‘blossoms’.

When you have enough carefully glue them onto a tree outline.

This very fine work enables the children to continue to develop their fine motor skills and to really focus on the artwork they are creating.

Purple Snow is a book I wrote for the children last year.

Is there a flowering plant that paints the town where you live?

I’m so glad our town goes purple……’s such a feel good colour!

Lucy x


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