St Andrews Day flag activity Montessori Inspired

Each year since WeeBeastie started kindy at 3 years old, he has celebrated St Andrews Day with his Australian friends.

We take in shortbread, play pipe music and now he gets to wear his kilt etc!

We always plan an activity too. From making bookmarks from Scottish pictures, to weaving your own tartan, colouring in a book of pictures of castles and thistle, colouring a map of the British Isles….

st andrews day 5 st andrews day2

and last year making a Scottish and Australian flag to discover the connections…..

st andrews day

We decided to cut out all the pieces at home and take them in a pack each like this one for the Australian flag. Then WeeBeastie lead them through the steps.

st andrews day4

The Scottish Flag or Saltire was the simplest so we did that first so the children got the idea.

st andrews day3

Here it is trimmed.

st andrews day

So in the very first step we can see the Saltire on the Australian flag!


Next we can see the Union Jack


Now the completed Australian flag with the Southern Cross and the 7 pointed star…one for each State or Territory.

This year we have been inspired (lead astray) by Pintrest. See if you can guess what we are planning! St Andrews Day 2015

Lucy x

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