Montessori Inspired Halloween skeleton investigation


Halloween inspired skeleton discovery activities

In the lead up to Halloween you can introduce several skeleton activities where the children wont even realise they are learning!

At 3 and 4 the children are becoming aware of their bodies. A fun thing to do is feel each other’s spines. (Make sure each person asks permission to touch another’s body first). Start the ball rolling by asking questions such as … Did our ancestors really have tails?

*Invertebrates and vertebrates cards

Children can sort the pictures of the animals under the cards labelled invertebrates or vertebrates. Talk about how invertebrates have very soft bodies or hard shells and how their movement is very different to vertibrates.

Montessori Print Shop Vertebrates and Invertebrates sorting

I also found a book with picture of animals skeletons and copied and laminated them. It’s clled The Skeleton Book by Madeleine Livaudais. It’s an old book so if you can’t find it just google animal skeletons and lots of great images come up.


Make small books for the child to complete from these Types of Vertebrates cards.

*Parts of the skeleton

Montessori Print Shop Parts of the Skeleton

Children could choose to draw their own skeleton on a piece of black paper with a white pencil. Then label the parts. This is one 9 year old WeeBeastie did.


*X-rays on the lightbox



A favourite of mine is the photo and xray of a turtle as you can see her eggs inside her! There is also a seperate photo and xray of her eggs.


The snake is pretty fascinating too.


Look how similar we all are. Most animal x-rays clearly show a skull, backbone, arms and legs or (lots of legs), hands and feet and of course tails!


Even the birds are similar but with wings instead of arms and hands.


One packet was of broken bones so that lead to lots of discussions about how that can happen and what we can do to avoid this!


Did you manage to enjoy Halloween in a positive way?

If you did please share your ideas and we can all use them next year.

Lucy x



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