Bush Turkey alley

It’s rained at last and the flowers are out! Spring is in the air!

This is what I saw on a quick walk after work and before school pick up…




The bush turkey was busy with it’s nest (the big mound of grass and leaves) then it saw me and started a game of ‘chicken’……….


….the turkey gave up first. The turkey is a chicken?

Australian Bush Turkey wikipedia

We were up at Noosa on the weekend. I walked through the National Park (dodging bush turkeys) and along Hastings Street instead of the beach and noticed a shop called  Lamington  . They have a gallery called Wild Turkeys……full of bush turkey art! The tourists love them!

I’m glad someone does because they are a bit of a pest for the locals. Digging up gardens etc.

Here is the image on the best selling t-shirts at Lamingtons…..

 Winning design by chalzi

Captures them perfectly I think!

Lucy x

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