Montessori inspired plaiting activity

IMG_1320 IMG_1321

We have two plaiting activities on the shelves all year round.

This is the introduction to plaiting where I demonstrate to the children and then we have a few turns together (I usually have to hold the ends, keep the plait tight at the top and prompt the order of the colours for a few goes).


This activity is for the children to complete and take home. I always have a few trios of wool ready for the children to leave in the card for the next person. As usual with these activities they go in runs. One person takes down an activity that hasn’t been used all week and then they are queing up to do it!


We always encourage the children to wear their hair back or up so it’s not a distraction from their work. In preparation for those children moving on to school at the end of the year we put up a display of their plaits. Here is mine for example. The children stand in front of a plain white door and we take a photo of them face on first and then of the plait, so this might be from the back or side on.

Before you know it they are all in plaits!

If the boys or those with short hair want to be included we take their photo holding something plaited, like their activity or even a plaited belt.


Our Acts of kindness activity in the beginning of the year also works a treat to introduce the idea to the new children and to remind some of those returning.

Do you have a subtle way to encourage positive actions or behaviour?

I’d love to hear it if you do.

Lucy x


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