Natural found items construction and collage

table set up

It’s nearly the end of term and we have collected lots of small boxes….time to do box construction!

Every time I go to Eckersley’s art shop I come away with lots of small boxes that they save for kindys and schools.

I put out the white construction glue. Just four pots as that is a good number to have working on our art table at any one time. For some activities we only have two children working at a time but they are all pretty capable at gluing by now!

We also had lots of bark and natural found items left from our clay experimentation. I thought that gluing these on would make an interesting change to bottle tops and other man made bits and bobs.

The children loved it. Some of the sticks and palm infloesence were tough to stick on so we had the sticky tape handy. They children who were waiting for a turn started collecting things from the environment to use, like gum leaves that had fallen from the tree.

I included some squares of bark (with a hole punched in the middle) left over from a recent Threading activity.

bark snake

We had another snake skin brought in by one of the children and many of them had been using this to complete the snake colouring and cutting activity. So I decided to make a snake collage and started off a whole new activity!

Don’t you love it when that happens!

Lucy xx


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