Montessori Math: Make a Spindle Box


I found this tray in a second hand shop and cut 4 pieces of wood to divide it into 5 sections. Painted it.

Cut a piece of dowel into even lengths, sanded them…..and hey presto!

Now I just need to find another tray to make the 5-9 section!

Here is a link to some very clear info from on using the Spindle Box.

Please note there is some work to do first with number rods, sandpaper numbers and number rods and cards. These can all be made at home if you don’t have access to Montessori equipment. Have a look at some options from Montessori Print Shop

I think trays are the first thing I look for when ever I’m out and about. They play a huge part in presenting Montessori material and finding the right tray can make or break an activity!

Do you have a tray or basket fetish too? I’d love to hear about a favourite or even the one that didn’t work.


Ps Every time I look at the photos above I wish I could move the spindles to the left. Sigh!







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