Montessori wool cutting activity

This week has been exciting as I have started my Professional Development online course with The Centre for Guided Montessori Studies. I’m doing the 6 week Adventure in the Art’s which covers art and music. I have previously done the Children with Special Needs course which was excellent.

You get a very comprehensive folio and to watch lots of online introductions and presentations which are game changing!

This is something I made with things I had at home inspired by one of the videos in my course for this week. Yarn cutting or as we would say in Australia, wool cutting.


I used a box with a lid from one of my end of year teachers gifts. Poked a hole and put a ball of wool inside with the end of the wool hanging out.


The child uses one hand to hold the box still. The other hand pulls the end of the wool until it is at the side of the tray. Then they use the scissors to cut the wool near the side of the box. Make sure the scissors can cut through the wool. I tried a few pairs before I found a pair that worked for a child.


The child picks up the wool and cuts it into short lengths. These can then be used in a gluing activity.

Alternatively this could be used as part of a threading activity or a gluing activity.


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