Easter gardening arrangement

We are on two weeks Easter school holidays at the moment. This means lots of time catching up in the garden and out in nature.

Just thought I’d share our arrangement made from some of the weeds and some of the pruning in our back garden.


The berry in the middle is called a Brazilian Cherry and can be sweet or sour depending on your luck! It’s an invasive species and needs to go one day …..but not today.


The little white flours are dropping off the inflorescence on the huge palm trees. The skeletal branches they leave behind are beautiful and sculptural and used for all sorts of crafts including weaving.


All the other bits and pieces are tiny red berries and pretty speckled groundcover leaves and parts of anonymous weeds and grasses.


It turned into a hilariously silly activity as it kept being blown away…first by a sneeze, second the gust when something was plonked down next to it and the final straw when a rouge ant wandered onto  the arrangement and someone kindly moved it on with a puff of breath!


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