Colour mixing with play dough

I saw the idea of using play dough as a colour mixing activity on my Art course with Centre for Guided Montessori Studies .


This can be set up for the children to choose during their morning work time. I have used one of the colour mixing record sheets from my other colour mixing activity.

There is a small ball of primary yellow and a pinch of primary blue play dough in the containers with lids on.


The children take the yellow and blue play dough from the containers and put them into the mixing container.

Ask them what they think will happen when they mix primary yellow and primary blue play dough.

Some children aren’t sure how to mix it so show them how to pinch, squish and roll the play dough until the colours begin to blend.


When the colours are mixed you have secondary green.


The secondary green play dough can be added to the green play dough to be used at outside time.

The children add another pinch of yellow and blue play dough ready for the next child.


Then the child can fill in their record sheet. They enjoy the idea that this is a scientific experiment!


2 thoughts on “Colour mixing with play dough

  1. This was one of my favourite ideas from the Montessori Arts course, Lucy. I still have little balls of playdough stashed away for when I spend time in Cycle One rooms. The children always love it!


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