Weaving with paper

Once the child has mastered the activities in this blog Introduction to weaving they will be ready to try this activity. I like to start with the cardboard looms shown in the above link as the cardboard and wool is easier to manipulate.

Then the child can move on to this simple exercise that requires fine motor skills to handle the finer paper and navigate the narrow slits.


This is also an activity the child can do independently from start to finish even preparing the materials.

The first time (or few times) they would need to watch you do it. Then the next few times they may need assistance (particularly with cutting the slits evenly spaced). ps It will still be possible to weave if the slits are wonky.


You can choose to leave the first slit to make a frame or weave through all the slits as you can see above.

I mentioned above that if the slits aren’t evenly spaced in the paper loom it still works. Here are some on my Pintrest board where people have used wiggly lines to great effect. Others have used painted pictures as the loom and also strips of painted paper cut up. Have a look and get creative……once your child has mastered the basics!



I just found this one that I did at school!


One thought on “Weaving with paper

  1. There’s so much that can be done with weaving once those basics are mastered. I love that the child can do this themselves, right from preparing the materials they need through to the finished weaving. Lovely!


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