Introducing famous artists to children – Michelangelo

I thought my boy would enjoy doing a bit of painting Michelangelo style!

I found a picture of the Sistine Chapel and a drawing of how Michelangelo might have painted the ceiling.

Then I found a picture of The Delphic Sibyl by Michelangelo and this great colouring page by Enchanted Learning

Next I showed him the picture of the Sistine Chapel and asked “Would you like to try painting a small part of this picture in the same way Mchelangelo might have done it?”


I thought watercolours would work well as they eliminate the drip factor!


This is the view from under the table.


This is the finished masterpiece.

You can find the information I used on Michelangelo in this document.

We have also been looking at books like the Laurence Anholt artists series

IMG_3067 and The Painter who loved Chickens by Olivia Dunrea. This beautiful book introduces the idea of painting as a career or a ‘job’.

I believe in Montessori has this set of cards where you can match the picture into the frame and a picture of the artist.

Lucy x


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