Non slip leaf rubbing activity

It’s Autumn for us and finally the temperature is dropping……along with the leaves. In the garden we have the big frangipani leaves, gum leaves and the bauhinia.

So that the children can be as independent as possible set the leaf rubbing up with a small clipboard or a piece of cardboard and a big clip (a homemade clipboard!).


The leaf can be clipped in place. A lovely long gum leaf was carefully chosen by this child.

Then the paper clipped on top.


I gave the child a quick lesson on holding the crayon on its side and pulling it from the top of the paper towards the child. I also showed then how to feel the paper to work out where the leaf was.

Some of the children chose to stick their leaf onto the paper beside the rubbing.

We are experimenting with different paper to see how it changes the rubbing. This was paper from an old sketch pad which worked very well. I’ve seen people use tin foil, wax paper and also other mediums like charcoal and chalk.

It’s a great time to introduce the language of leaves especially with the frangipani leaf where the petiole (part that attaches to the stem and runs along the centre of the leaf) is very thick. We have to do some fine motor manipulations to run the crayon either side of the petiole to see the patterns from the veins on the blade of the leaf.


One thought on “Non slip leaf rubbing activity

  1. Leaves, in all their forms, are just so beautiful and I have seen many, many children captivated by them. I love they way you’ve set it up so they can be independent in their work. You are very clever, my friend!


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