Circle sewing cards


To make circle sewing cards use a sheet of cardboard that is firm but not too thick and the circle from the Metal Insets. If you dont have access to insets you can trace around a large jar. Draw around the outside of the inset to get the shape of the card and around the circle for the line the child will sew along.


Mark an even number of evenly spaced dots along the line. I learnt from doing it by eye that its better to do four dots and then fill in each quarter.


Set the activity up with some pre threaded needles depending on your child’s ability.


The child will make their own sewing holes by using these pins. Have a look at my blog on Froebel Pinning


Here is the activity set up.


Just beginning…….


nearly there………


All done! Even numbers mean you end up with the knots at the back.


You can work through the other shapes from the metal insets.

Lucy x


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