Winter snowflakes


I feel incredibly qualified to be writing about snowflakes as I’m surrounded by them! We have slipped away for our Aussie summer holidays and tripped the light fantastic to a Winter Wonderland here in the magical Chamonix Valley in France.


It started snowing the day we arrived and the snow is over our knees if we step off the path. There is so much of it that sometimes you might forget that it is made up of millions of snowflakes, each one unique!


Apparently that’s due to the fact that each one takes a slightly different path to reach earth. Bless them.



Here is a matching activity I set out with a magnifying glass. These are photos of real snowflakes by Priddix.


Inspired by the punched hole sewing cards for children I have embellished the cover of my notebook with a snowflake! I wish I’d packed a thimble!


This is the template I use for the snowflake below. By the time you fold the paper 3 times the child would be cutting through 6 layers of paper so make sure the paper you use is thin and you have some in various stages of progress so even the child that struggles can have a go.

snowflake 6

Children love to unfold these and see the pattern! The contrast is very striking if they glue it onto the paper and paint it with sparkles in clear glue. If the child can write they can copy or trace the word snowflake printed on the bottom.


Old Christmas cards are prefect to make into sewing cards. Look at all of these lovely snowflake designs.



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