While we were on our last Christmas holidays (in the other hemisphere where it was most definitely winter) we were surrounded by pompoms.


I had brought multi-coloured wool in my ‘might be useful’ bag of tricks so I thought I’d make some. This is how we make them at home or kindy. I made the two rings from a box from the patisserie (any excuse!)


You need two rings so that you can cut between them and get an even pompom.

I made a small ball of wool from the big ball. It’s too hard stuffing a big ball through as the pom pom gets thicker. You can just tie a little knot to join another piece on. Especially if you are changing colours.

Then around and around….


…and around we go!


Meanwhile Pintrest had been sending me ‘cheat’ pompom techniques. I decided to compare the traditional ring method against the toilet roll and the fork!


These are some big plastic rings I found to make a group pompom at kindy.


The fork and the toilet roll are quicker but I think that’s missing the point! For me making a pompom is gradual process and in a 3-4 year old environment it is about fine motor skills and perseverance…….the old way wins hands down for me!

Look at these Pompom’s that Pip has found.


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