Peaceful sand tray



Wouldn’t you love to do this in your garden?

It is so important to provide space for children to work on their own if they would like to. Perhaps a minute or two of peaceful contemplation and they will be ready to join their friends again or they might be so absorbed they stay for longer!

With a selection of simple yet beautiful natural items such as shells, seed pods and the husk of lotus flowers the children learn about their texture, weight and sensory appeal while experimenting with patterns and design.


You could introduce this activity to an individual or a small group of children. Include small branches, sticks, seed pods, shells, stones and paper bark on a bed of hessian. This is a landscape fit for dinosaurs (which had already been packed away by the time I managed to get a photo).

These dinosaurs are very busy raising their families, foraging for food and making places to rest. If you want peaceful play leave those troublesome T. Rex’s in the box!

This is set up in a water play trough on legs which makes it perfect height for the children.

The children could bring in things they find to use in these activities.

What do you find when you are out and about that you could use in an activity like this?

Lucy x

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