Bastille Day cardboard Eiffel Tower

Happy Bastille Day!

There are lots of Eiffel Tower art and craft inspirations on Pintrest. I saw this idea for a Cardboard Eiffel Tower and have saved it under Engineering Activities for children.


The day before we did some skip-diving at our neighbors house. The house is nearly finished being built and as ‘things’ are being delivered we are loving the packaging! We have rolls and rolls of this corrugated cardboard.


This is our Eiffel Tower purchased from beneath the real one! We used this and our memories (this is the floor the ice rink is on, this is the lift that Dad got scared in!) to recreate our cardboard version.


We keep saying “next time let’s change the way we do this”. This is a great skill to learn but also hints at more engineering challenged for the cardboard. Maybe an Arc de Triomphe next?


We are thinking about painting our cardboard model gold to finish it off but I’m pretty sure the real one isn’t gold, so maybe a metallic grey instead. Maybe this will just be a prototype for the next one that will be a new improved version? I don’t mind because we had so much fun and it was really good to be working through the challenges together. I had to sit on my hands and bite my tongue and let my son solve problems and follow his thoughts. So good!


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