STEM Blowing up balloons

A couple of rainy day experiments that don’t take long.

For the first you need:

a balloon

bicarbonate soda


a funnel and a bottle


Put the vinegar into the bottle


add some bicarb and quickly put the balloon over the neck of the bottle


watch what happens!

In our next experiment we played a bit of a trick on Dad!

We needed:

two empty water bottles

2 balloon

and … shh don’t tell … something sharp and pokey (to pole a hole in the bottom of only one bottle!)


Put the balloons inside the bottles this time but remember to roll it over the edge of the bottle.

You will be able to blow up the balloon that is inside the bottle with the hole in it but not the one without the hole. Guess which one we gave to Dad? Ha, ha. We had some fun with that!


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