Experimenting with making patterns

This activity was inspired by my recent Professional Envelopment course Adventure in The Arts run by the fabulous Center for Guided Montessori Studies.



You could set this out as a pasting activity with just 5 squares of the same colour on the tray at a time. Show your child how they can arrange the squares differently to make a pattern.

When they have a pattern they want to keep they can glue the squares down.

When they have made 5 pages (on the same day or over a few weeks) then they can collect them together and made a pattern book.


Use a hole punch and split pins to join the pages together for an extension and more fine motor work.

You will find that the patterns your kindergarten child makes are more random than these recognised patterns made by my 9 year old.

Gluing squares on it’s own is is great for building up skills however this activity developes design skills such as spacing, repetition, patterning and reflection.

It would be fun to connect this activity with some Froebel pinning or cutting so that the children can make their own shapes to use.

Making artwork into books is a great way to store it. Do you have any great ideas for storing or using children’s artwork?



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