Self portrait with a mirror

This is a simple individual art activity for children (anyone really). This is set up at home but I have had quite a few quiet chuckles to myself when this was available to a group of children.

A few children will walk past and catch their reflection have a quick look and move on, maybe to come back later. Some will sit down and have a closer look and be tempted to pick up the pencils. One little girl caught sight of her reflection and performed the first act of Frozen in blissful self absorbtion!


At home my weebeastie was spotted admiring himself with a lightsabre in hand!


This is the portrait I discovered later. Maybe the lightsabre gives him powers to see into the future?


Other things are interesting to look at in the mirror too…

I love to put a mirror behind a vase of flowers or display a single flower on a mirror. Do you have any interesting ways you use a mirror?


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