STEM Colour mixing and wicking experiment

Children are very interested in colour mixing so I think this experiment will capture their attention and open up lots of opportunity for discussion.


When I first saw this done it was using a more absorbant fabric ( and old but clean nappy). I’ve used a chux dishcloth which takes a little longer but that is OK. It means you need to keep checking the progress during the day and over a couple of days.


The first signs are the cloth strips gradually changing colour and then Oh! great excitement, the colours have transferred into the middle empty jar!


Without any inteferance (watch those little hands) the colours mix themselves.


Over the next couple of days the colour keeps travelling. Now we can do some painting.

I know some people use this wicking method to keep their plants hydrated while they are away.

I love finding different ways that people use this kind of practical science. Do you have any ideas?


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