Dot painting on natural itemslebrations


Everywhere we walk there are trees dropping these fantastic boomerang shape seed pods. At first they were going in the green waste recycling bin until we decided to collect a load and bring them out to decorate during NAIDOC week when we celebrate the Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander culture.


Aboriginal Culture

There is some derision of dot painting as a relatively new and westernised form of Aboriginal art however some disput this. Dot painting is simple and appealing to children and an internationally recognised art form .


Find pictures to put on display such as calendars which ofen have examples of artwork and a picture of theĀ Indiginous people, to inspire the children.

In another activity you can introduce the children to some of the symbolism used by the indigenous people.

Talk to your children about how the Aboriginal people wouldn’t have had shops to get their food or things from. They would have used what they found about them in the bush or the desert.

Think of all the ways that that you could use these seed pods such as digging, carrying things and building with. They wondered if they wold work like boomerangs and if they could catch their dinner with them.

I hope you have some interesting conversations at your family dinner tables after trying this activity!

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