Colour mixing the grey scale

Children are very interested in feathers and I incorporate them in many activities. I collect several every week and add them to our interesting table or our art supplies. Currently we have them in the clay area and the creations are incredible.

I have noticed is that packs of pencils and paint palets often dont have grey. I have bought some pencils from the individual section at Officeworks but decided to mix our own grey paints.


I’m glad I tried it at home first because I put out waaaaay to much black into each space and didn’t realise until I’d put out all the white!


So it ended up with a overflowing mess. I would suggest putting out the white in equal parts and then adding a little black at a time.

I did end up with a lovely range of grays. I used up the paint at home by painting some scrap paper with grey stripes and then cutting this horizontally for the collage and weaving areas.



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