How to extend learning using a popular dinosaur puzzle


This is a large cardboard floor puzzle that I bought from a school fete for Beastie Boy when he was wee and is still being used by children to this day. We talk about how it is made of cardboard so we have to be extra careful when its being packed away so that children can keep using it for many more years!

A puzzle like this can give you so many avenues for extension. The language experince gained from juniour Palentoliogists is priceless.

If you don’t know the names of one of the dinosaurs you can introduce the concept of research by finding some books on dinosaurs. Picked up a book and make a point of looking at one of the dinosaurs in the puzzle. “Hmmm. It’s got short legs, horns on it’s head and a long tail,” then look through the book and elaborately check each picture aainst the dinosaur you are trying to find. “Here it is! It’s a ……”

Once you have identified them all you can get some book covering plastic (non-sticky) and place it over the puzzle, then trace the shapes of the dinosaurs and label them. This can be an individual project or a group one.




If you use thick plastic that doesn’t tear you can use it each time you finish the puzzle to check the names of the dinosaurs.

Encourage descriptive language such as … “That one with the long neck is a ……..”

“That one is different to that one”

Children love to notice the little details and this activity validates that desire.

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