Abriginal symbol activity

I am not an Indigenous or Aboriginal Australian but the first generation Australian of English parents.

It is always a challenge to teach about a culture that is not your own, to avoid steriotypes and misinformation passed along by well meaning people.

I hope that by attending many Professional Development sessions, by being empathetic and respectful and by reading and resourcing from a wide catchment I can give experiences to the children that are benficial to all concerned.

I considered putting a Welcome to Country and acknowledgement to the traditional owners of the land but I’m not sure how that applies to cyberspace. Perhaps I should research the Welcome to Country to the place where I’m physically sitting? I’ll get back to you on that!


Pick symbols that are meaningful to your children. For example campfires, water and animal tracks. Give examples of how they might have been used to tells stories or leave messgaes.


The child could pick some they would like to copy and can make a book or a poster or just make one.

Kangaroo, Rock Art,  Oenpelli, Arnhem Land, Australia:

Kangaroo, Rock Art, Oenpelli, Arnhem Land, Australia

Find some examples of rock art. You could also put out different media like charcoal, ochre, clay and sticks. Allow children to experiment by searching for rocks they can crush to make paint or how they can decorate with other natural items they find.


Here is a similar outline to decorate.

Lucy x

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