Bingo language cards

I’ve used this great resource from The Measured Mom to make a Bingo alphabet sounds game.

It took quite a while to find the right pictures because I wanted it to be obvious what the sound was. For example ‘f’ needed to be ‘f’ for ‘fish’ not ‘fr’ for ‘frog’. The pictures needed to be of only one thing so that it was clear to the children e.g. flowers would just be flowers and not someone holding flowers or flowers in a vase.

There are lots of photos in this pack so for most sounds I was able to pick and choose.

Then I printed out the letters in the Queensland Beginners Alphabet, cut them out, stuck them on and laminated them.


(I still have to laminate these cards so just imagine they are all flat and shiny please!)

file-2 (2)

Sounds bingo is a very popular game for young children.

To play, a group of up to 4 children pick a bingo card each. The sound cards are in a box on the tray. A teacher reads out the sound initially but soon the children can take turns to be ‘the teacher’.

The teacher says “w watermelon” and the children look to see if they have that sound on their bingo card. If they do they put a glass token on the picture on their card.

It’s lovely because children naturally help each other and even if one child’s card is full they all stay to the end of the game. Each child can say ‘b bingo’ as they fill their card, nobody wins and most times children stay for another go, swapping their bingo cards for a different one.

Its a great opportunity to see the different ages working together during this game.

Lucy x

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  1. Reblogged this on Lucy McGinley and commented:

    I thought I’d share this language game from my Early Childhood blog, FollowThatChild. In a Kindergarten environment or at home, this sounds bingo game is so much fun. The children don’t realise they are learning to read.


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