Introducing chunky collage and woodwork in a Montessori kindergarten

In preparation for woodwork make your collage chunkier!

If you have some hardwood it will be too hard for a child to hammer so use it for gluing!


Use soft wood like pine for children to hammer into so that they have the best chance of being able to work independently.

By introducing chunkier collage materials to glue onto the hardwood planks children start to be aware of the dimensions and will experience some challenges when joining items.


Some materials immediatley shout ‘aeroplane’ or ‘helicopter’!

Ask your child to think about how they would make one with glue and what they would do differently if they had a hammer and nails? For example you could make the blades on a helicopter spin with a nail but not with glue.


This is something else the children can do which is a good introduction. It’s easier to hammer a nail into a piece of wood rather than trying to join to pieces together.


Bottle tops are great for hammering onto wood.


Some creations are inspired by the shape of the materials


This simple set offering hammering into cork is a lovely introduction. You can photocopy the design when it is finished if your child is reluctant to take their work apart. Remember to ask them to tell you about their work as there may be a story to go with it!


This is a great way to build up their skills so they can work independently when they begin woodwork activities.



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