Lifecycle of the silkworm activities

So our resident Silkworms are eating their way through about 50 leaves a day and growing plumper before our eyes. Each day I check to see if any have begun spinning their cocoons yet but none so far.


With such a prefect chance to study these creatures comes the opportunity for some extension work. Put out some lifecycle templates with water colours to encourge the child to observe details.


You can make your own mulberry tree! Photocopy some mulberry leaves for the child to cut out and pin up along with the moths, silkworms and cocoons. I wonder if they will notice the detail at the edge of the leaves and try to cut it out?

A simple butterfly matching activity from Montessori Print Shop.

Look at this beautiful circle puzzle which shows a different caterpillar and crysalis. The silkworms cover their crysalis in a silk cocoon. I wonder why?

Here are some pictures from a magazine to help the children colour in the life cycle sheet. I hope to have our own photos for next year!

Lucy x


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