Montessori Flag activity


Children love making flags of the different countries. This poster was $1.00 through my son’s Scholastic book club. It’s important to source up to date information as there have been lots of changes recently!

WeeBeastieBoy would pick a flag off the poster and ask to make that flag. The Welsh flag was very you know why?

This interest was excellent of course but raised two problems. The first was that I didn’t have all of the flags and the second was that I didn’t have room to display even the flags we did have.

So I had a look at the Montessori flag and stand sets. While they are beautiful we were not in a position to purchase them as the time.

Image result for flag stand

I began printing out flags from the internet and laminating them.

On a weekend visit to the hardware store I saw these wooden brackets. I bought a large one and one a bit smaller.


Saw off the extra bit, drill holes along the top and then paint it black…


Officeworks sell small folders with plastic sheet covers which are perfect for storing the templates to colour in.


Then they need to choose the right colour pencils and make sure they are colouring in the right colours in the right places.

Use long coffee stirrers for flag poles for these paper flags. Attach them with sticky tape…on the right side of course.

You can also do a three part lesson to make sure children know the name of the flag.

Lucy x


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