Montessori Inspired Pansy appreciation activity


The pansies are blooming in the garden. Their colours are so vivid. Time for a new paint palate!


When you put out a template it is always a good idea to provide a choise of blank watercolour paper too.

I found the Pansy templet here. Children can learn to take such care when they colour this delicate work.

Pansy Colouring Page

Here are some other flower activities you could add.

Paper to cut out petals and the centre of the flower in the gluing activity. You can also put out gardening catalogues or flower wrapping paper for the children to cut out pictures they like.

Fine motor sorting activity with this ice cube tray I found at Coles reduced to $1!

pansy cuttingfile3-2

Can you sense that Spring is in the air?

lucy siscors


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