Paper daffodils for St David’s Day

The Welsh flag.

The 1st March is St David’s Day. St David is the patron saint of Wales.(The Welsh equivalent of St Patrick’s Day.)


Having lived in the United Kingdom for many years, when I think of Wales I think of leeks, daffodils and hand carved Love Spoons! I had a leek in the fridge and a Love Spoon on the shelf but there was no sign of daffodils. So I decided that could be our craft activity.

Paper Daffodils

You need 3 petal shapes to cut out of yellow paper

yellow cupcake cases

1 green pipe cleaner or chenille stick

a hole punch



first cut out the petals


then punch a hole in the centre of each one


thread them onto one end of the pipe cleaner


then add a cupcake case and pinch the end to hold them in place

I like using a large and small cupcake case to look like the frilly centre of a daffodil

Arrange all the daffodils in a vase to display with the Welsh flag, leek and Love Spoon.


I also printed out some small daffodil outlines to paint with water colours.

I remember the daffodils fondly from my time living in the UK. I loved the way they seemed to just spring up where ever they wanted too. Maybe one in a grassy verge or a whole park full of them! I think they are one of my favourite flowers!

Lucy x

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