Australia Day ideas


I recently heard someone comment that we celebrate Australia Day without including the First Australian culture. So I thought I’d share this lovely work that WeeBeastie did at school at the end of last year.

The tree symbol begins with the tracing of our own hand. Hand Stencils  and prints have been displayed for thousands of years and modern art continues to encompass this symbol of connection and perhaps ownership.

I look at this tree and think it represents our connection to nature. Our mutual need for sustenance and protection. In this land of contrasts we are constantly reminded of this connection with dramatic summer thunder storms,floods and droughts.

This is a good activity for an older child and the holder of a very sharp pencil! This stencil could do with bigger holes so make sure you check that you can make a mark through the stencil before you present it to your child as this can be very frustrating otherwise.

Try some coin rubbing or colouring in.

Cut out Australian animal shapes to make puppets. I pre cut the holes for the fingers to go through and a child can cut around the outline. There are lots of animal outlines available to colour in in books and on the internet. Try to get simple realistic pictures rather than cartoons.

Print out a flags to colour in or make one with cut out paper as shown in my Australia Day flag making blog.

This little Native Australian Blue Winged Pitta loves to easy pesky snails.

Colour the pictures in and cut them out. add paddlepop sticks to make puppets and make a counting game. You can use the tune to five green bottles …

Five slippery snails sliding on the wall

Five slippery snails sliding on the wall

and if a quick Blue Piita gobbled one up so small

they’d be four slippery snails sliding on the wall

Image result for australian bird that eats snails

Have a very Happy Australia Day!

Lucy x

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