Chinese New Year Dragon

Happy Chinese New Year!

You could make this a project for one child or a collaboative work wih children making individual paper plate dragon scales.


Start by painting the plate red on both sides and then sprinkling it with glitter. I have used a McKenzies Sea Salt container as the holes are big enough to shake out the gold glitter and they don’t get blocked up.


When the paint is dry glue the paper or ribbon tassels around the edge of the plate.


Attach one end of a long piece of string to the head. Punch a hole in each paper plate, thread the string though and tie a knot to keep it in place. Then added another paper plate to the string until they are all up.


I keep the same head to reuse each year. I made it from scrap cardboard, cupcake cases, pom poms and a lovely set of googly eyes!


If you don’t have anywhere to hang your dragon you could always peg it up or Blu Tack it to the wall.

Look at some pictures of the Dragon Dance so your child can see how the dragons are used traditionally. It’s fascinating to see the puppeteers leaping and dancing with their huge dragons.

I love seeing the dragon grow as the scales are finished. He shimmies in the breeze sending little flurries of glitter down on us.

Ps now I understand why this is called a Dragon fruit!





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