Silence or Peace activity

This activity tray is inspired by the Nurturing Quiet blog post from To The Lesson. It is taking the idea of the Silence game and adapting it for children to use as they feel the need.


I have used battery operated candles and added the timer to one of the trays as this can be very soothing to watch.


This is a very short 2 minute timer but it would be nice o have a selection of different length timers for the children to watch as they sit in silence.

I like the idea of this being used in a conflict resolution situation too, a Peace Tray if you dont have a Peace Corner. There would need to be a clear distinction for the use of the activity though. For the peace tray perhaps a child could invite another to come and sit with them to look at the items as they talk through their troubles. I can picture them passing the leaf from one to another as they take turns to speak.

Enjoy the peace x

Just an update with this idea for a song I found at my montessori journey

The Peace Rose Song (tune: Oh, Susanna)

Ohhh, when I have a problem,
it’s clear what I must do,
I need to get the Peace Rose,
so I make peace with you.

I tell you how I feel,
with the Peace Rose in my hand,
You ask, “How to make it better?”,
you ask because you can.

I want to make it better,
it’s important to have peace,
I love to use the Peace Rose,
I see that you are pleased.

Now that things are better,
we put it in its place,
I’ll carry it over,
and you put it in the vase.


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