Feathers investigation

We have had another flutter of feathers land on our nature table. I can’t help but pick them up and I’m not the only one! If you love feathers too have a look at  Peacock feather drawing inspired by Ursula Kolbe


This beautiful book is full of inspiration and is so calming.

I also refer regularly to the Wildlife of Greater Brisbane guide by the Queensland Museum.


Isn’t this beautiful!


Here are some of the feathers we are lucky enough to pick up where we live. I have a stash which I add to each week. We will be using them in our clay work soon.


Are you able to reference books and display real items like this? I think it makes everything so ‘real’ for the children.

Lucy x


3 thoughts on “Feathers investigation

  1. Oh my, Lucy! How I love birds and feathers and how lovely to encourage such wonder and fascination in children. Feathers are so beautiful and special …


  2. We have been doing this study too. Unfortunately got caught up in “other” – oh-so-important- “things”. Lol. Thank you for sharing. I’ll do a write up of our study sometime next week. Best regards, Althea.


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