Adapting a memory game for young children


This is a beautiful Ravensburger game of Hide and Seek that WeeBeastie and I would play for hours when he was little. It had a home before us and has been well loved.


For younger children there are too many pictures and I never quite understood why there are 6 different coloured wooden discs. However it worked perfectly for us as we would look at all the pictures and pick six.


Then we would cover each picture with a coloured disc. The roll of the dice meant that you had to remember which picture was under that colour disc. WeeBeastie could do this with a small number of pictures. Any more and he would be tempted to lift the disc and have a peak!

You could make this activity with you child by cutting out pictures you like from a magazine or printing them of the internet. Make coloured cardboard shapes the same size and put the same colour sticky dots on a dice and you are all set.

Lucy x


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