Japanese Girl’s Day Cherry blossoms

file6-1Here is a simple painting activity using a different technique.


The child uses a pipette to put a drop of brown liquid water colour paint onto he paper. You can dilute food colouring or poster paint to do this if yu don’t have liquid water colours.


Then they blow the drop through a straw and chase the drop accross the page to make these lovely organic marks that lok like the brances of a cherry tree.

For young children you may need to practice blowing and then taking the straw out of your mouth to take a breath before blowing again … otherwise they may suck up the paint!


Then the child can dab some cherry blossoms onto the branches. You could do this with a short stubby brush, a cotton bud or even a large tipped felt pen.

Another option would be to scrunch up pink tissue paper as I’ve used in this fine motor activity.


Maybe you have some small flowers in your garden you can press and glue on?

One thought on “Japanese Girl’s Day Cherry blossoms

  1. Cherry blossoms are so beautiful…like pink snow when they fall. I love the straw blowing for branches, can imagine that’s very popular work. Meg:)


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