Japanese Children’s Day collage

Japanese Girl’s Day on the 3rd March and Japanese Children’s Day on the 5th May.

We have our 2 week school holidays in Queensland now with Easter on the last weekend so we have lots of time for making beautiful things!


I have a large collection of paper including some plain and decorative origami paper. I find that origami is too challenging for the younger children but there are still lovely ways to use the paper.

Your child can cut or tear simple shapes and glue them onto a small canvas or cardboard. I covered the base with a layer of pale tissue paper to start. I was inspired by the Kimmi doll shape which is really a series of ovals and circles so easy for the children to cut out and stick on.


You could talk about the colours with you child when you are selecing the paper you will use and also the texture. I have included some hand made paper and some nearly sheer packaging material.

You can also introduce your child to the idea of planning with a rough sketch to show what you would like to do and also placing the shapes in different places until you are happy with how it looks before gluing them down.

But don’t worry too much … random layouts work really well with this activity. Just relax and share the love hearts x

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