Gluing on a line

I have seen lots of beautiful ideas of open ended activities for children where they use natural found items to make patterns. I have also seen activities where this is done using a base board with a simple line on it. Maybe a zig zag or spiral like this.

I found these lovely seed pods when I was out walking and collected them.


Little futtery fingers soon discovered how to get the seeds out!


It was an absorbing job to open the seeds pods and collect the tiny seeds inside. Now what could we do wih them?

Rather than put them back on display, I drew a wiggly line on some paper and suggested he glue the seeds along the line.

I like the idea that when the time comes and this artwork is no longer appreciated it can be put into the garden and who knows what will grow!

Here are some other shapes copied with the small blue stones that go into (or come out of!) fish tanks.



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