Whale appreciation activities

The whales are coming!  Their annual migration from Antarctica to Queensland covers 10,000km (5000km each way) from May to November. We love to go to Stradbroke Island and watch them from Point Lookout.

I was inspired by this idea on Pintrest but didn’t have access to a large carpark so had to downsize the scale!

This large wooden Whale puzzle by Tuzzles is as big as a 3 or 4 year old with very large pieces. It just fitted onto a role of paper so that I could trace around it. If you hold the puzzle steady this would be a good activity for a child to do.

We have this great whale book which WeeBeastie and I have often poured over. Now we were able to use it to fill in our whale outline. We used poster paint for speedy application but you could do a beautiful collage too.

You might just see the snail shell ballanced on the tail of our whale, inspired by the much loved ‘Snail on the tail of a Whale’ by Julia Donaldson.



I found a map of Stradbroke Island and a colouring page of the other amazing animals that live in Moreton Bay to colour in too. It’s so important for a child to learn about the rest of the world but finding resources to learn about your immediate surroundings is gold.

What is your favourite resource for learning about where you live?

Lucy x


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