The Very Hungry Caterpillar artwork

It’s silkworm time again in our neck of the woods. As well as the many ideas that we have used previously I thought we could try to create the superb illustrations of The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carl. The silkworms are just as hungry as the caterpillar and we have to climb the Mulberry tree each day to get enough leaves.

I have kept paper that was used to cover the table under other art projects and finished off a few nearly empty pots of paint to make sure the pages were well covered.

Then we set to, cutting out the different body parts and arranging them until we were satisfied.

We talked about the different body parts we were making and what the creatures ate. We knew that Eric Carl was just telling an entertaining story and that the caterpillar wouldn’t have eaten all of that people food, especially not the ‘sometimes food’ like the lollipop!

It was fun to think about what part of their lifecycle the silkworms would enter next and that the cycle would just keep going around like it had already done for thousands of years!


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