Celery osmosis experiment

I have set up this experiment for Science week again this year. This time I used the celery stalks in the centre of the celery which are newer and paler, so thirstier! The results were a lot more dramatic and we could see the colour in the leaves within hours.

I forgot to take a photo of the bottom of the stalk but when the experiment is finished cut off the bottom and you can clearly see the little dots which are the ends of the tubes. They are brightly coloured by the dye as it travels up the tube inside the stalk.

It’s a good chance to talk about how water and nutrients travel through our own bodies.

Plants absorb water by osmosis (gradual absorption). The water travels up tubes in the stems to all parts of the plants. The plants use the water in a process called photosynthesis to make food.

We have added food coloring to the water so that we can see where the water has been absorbed by the plant.




2 thoughts on “Celery osmosis experiment

  1. This is such a great experiment to do with young children and then to listen to what they propose has changed the colour of the leaves and how it happened. I’ve also done this with a stick of celery, stalk split partway in halves, and each half in different coloured water. Makes for interesting results too! Meg:)

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  2. Thanks for the reminder Meg. I did that a few years ago so it would be something new for this cohort. They are making their own purple play dough at the moment by mixing red and blue play dough so it would be fun to do that with the celery too!


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