Christmas cutting strips

Christmas may be over but I’m looking out the window at snow and our tree will be staying up until we leave the Northern Hemisphere in 4 weeks.

So here is a simple Christmas cutting activity I made up. I found lots of Christmas stamps but they aren’t easy for young children to use (without getting stamp pad ink all over themselves!).

So rather than keep them in the drawer unused I decided to pick a few and make up some cutting strips. These decorated squares can then be used to decorate cards or presents if you are just using brown paper to wrap. ( You can’t recycle most Christmas wrap).

You could also cut them into strips to make paper chains.

Maybe older children can manage the stamps and you could just put out grid paper and they can choose which stamps and colours to use.

I love finding a purpose for everything! If not I also love passing it on so someone else can!

cutting strips



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