Scottish tartan dominos

For St Andrews Day on the 30th November we always like to make a Scottish activity to celebrate my husband’s country of birth. The same activity could always come out for Burn’s Night celebrations on the 25th January too or any time you are studying Scotland! People often associate tartan with Christmas if you wanted an excuse to leave the activity out from the 30th November until the 25th January!

I went through my stash of fabric and ribbons and put the tartans to one side. If you don’t have a stash then a haberdashery shop should always have a selection of tartan ribbons. You could also print pictures of different tartans.

I then cut out small rectangles of white cardboard slightly larger than a normal domino. I stuck one square of tartan fabric on one end and then a different on the other. I laid it out and kept following the pattern to make sure the activity would work. Make sure the last domino has the first tartan patterned square on one side.

Then I laminated them and cut them out and kept them in this lovely Scotty dog tin. How enticing is that!

Make sure you have some photos of people wearing tartan kilts and trousers etc so that children understand the significance of the tartan and the clans.

It would also be an extension to have a weaving activity on hand so that the children could make their own tartan weaving if they chose to.


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