Jacaranda cutting and gluing

file1 (2)

file (2)

file2 (2)

I don’t know if its because we have been having a lot of rain but a few Jacaranda trees a flowering again! Its not the season and the whole tree isn’t bursting into a haze of purple like they usually do, just a dusting here and there.

This activity is similar to something I saw at the end of the last Jacaranda season and I never got chance to try it myself. So when I saw a sprinkle of fallen flowers I knew I couldn’t resist giving this a go.

By the time I got them home they were a bit worse for wear but I have seen them photocopied when you can make out the stamen and all the different parts of the flower. I was pleased how brightly they photocopied and the shapes is very effective. You can try grouping them or spacing them out so that they are easy for a young child to cut out.

I quickly sketched up a tree outline but there are plenty available on line. I think it would look really effective with lots more cut out flowers. Just like our Jacaranda’s when Brisbane turns purple.


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