Landforms including volcanos

file1 (2)We have been in the sand pit to make lakes and islands etc. so here are some more activities to explore the different landforms on our planet Earth. This book is really interesting to us because the landforms are all Australian.


We have also worked through lots of activities for land, air and water. Here is another one I found from Montessori Nature which works well for beginning landforms.

file (1)


file-5 (3)

This lead to lots of questions about how these different landforms are made so we took another look at volcanos.

These cards and lots of other great printables can be found at the under science and geology.


This is a cutting activity with pictures of volcano’s. These strips happened by accident when we were looking at lots of pictures of volcanos and pressed print!

Then onto the different types of rocks. This How to Identify Rocks chart on Pinterest is useful.

I’m also keen to try these Sediment Jars from

The next step in this journey is to examine the different biomes on our planet.


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