Dyeing Easter Eggs


You will need free range eggs (white or as light as you can get them), stockings and flowers or leaves.


You could probably use cheese cloth too if you can find a way to wrap it tightly around the egg to keep the flower in place. I’m going to try that next time as I don’t really have access stockings here in Brisbane! 


I popped the eggs in to boil with some beetroot but I was disappointed in the colour. I have seen it done with red onion skins which came out beautifully. I’ve just had a hunt around and discovered lots of different ways of dying naturally on Martha Stewart

It’s interesting that solutions give different colours at room temperature for example red cabbage will give you blue eggs! Light blue if you soak them for 30 minutes or dark blue overnight.


I was pleased with the patterns though so here’s to lots more colours next time. And the good thing is you can eat them!


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