Children’s aprons

I’ve been digging through my fabric stash and making some aprons. These are my favourite design as they fit the children (3-6 year old’s) and they can put them on independently. Of course they look beautiful too!

Children can use the aprons for most of the practical life activities including food preparation and cooking, polishing and dusting, watercolour painting, flower arranging, gardening and of course tea work! If you can, it is a good idea to have a few aprons and colour or pattern coordinate them for their use.

Here are some I’ve finished.

You need to cut out two pieces for the body. This means you can sew right sides together and leave a gap to turn it inside out and you have a long lasting, lined and neatly finished apron. Cut a strip for the waistband and a strip for the neck. I put elastic in the neck to help the fit and close the waistband with Velcro. I usually cut two pieces for the pocket but this is optional.

Making and apron



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